If you are already qualified we can offer more advanced training. If you qualified in warm water you may not be comfortable with some of the equipment we use in UK diving – drysuits, DSMB etc, or you may not be used to the different conditions – we can make sure that you gain the training you need with an experienced instructor.

If you would like to extend your training more formally we offer the ‘Sports Diver’ (equivalent to PADI Rescue Diver, CMAS 2* etc) and ‘Dive Leader’ (equivalent to PADI Divemaster, CMAS 3* etc) qualifications. The Sports Diver course costs £90 for continuing Ocean Divers or £100 for those crossing over from another agencies qualification. The Dive Leader course costs £80 for continuing Sports Divers or £90 for those crossing over from another agencies qualification. Both course fees include the training pack and a years unlimited kit rental. Both these courses consist of theory lessons and open water training. The majority of both these courses are taught as modules combining theory and practical lessons. On open water training trips you will need to pay for site entry (£10-15) and air fills.

BSAC offers two higher level qualifications – Advanced Diver and First Class Diver. Unfortunately CUUEG can’t provide training at this level.

This Year’s Training Program

Date Class Time Location
Thu 25 Oct Training Course Sign Up 19:30 Earth Sciences
Thu 8 Nov SD Theory 1 19:30 Earth Sciences
Thu 15 Nov SD Theory 2 19:30 Earth Sciences
Thu 22 Nov SD Theory 3 19:30 Earth Sciences
Thu 29 Nov SD Theory 4 19:30 Earth Sciences
Thu 24 Jan SD Theory 5 19:30 Earth Sciences
Thu 31 Jan SD Theory 6 19:30 Earth Sciences
Thu 7 Feb SD Theory Exam 19:30 Earth Sciences