If you hold a qualification from BSAC or any accredited training agency (e.g. PADI, SSI, CMAS) and just want to go diving with us you will need to join both BSAC and CUUEG. As a diving member you will be subscribed to our mailing list and eligible to participate in any club trip for which you are suitably qualified.

Membership rates 2023
Membership type CUUEG Membership BSAC Membership Total
Student Diver £55.00 £34.00 £89.00
Non-Student Diver £70.00 £65.50 £135.50
Student instructor* £20.00 £34.00 £54.00
Non-Student instructor (Club instructor, OWI or Advanced Diver)* £20.00 £60.50 £80.50
Non-Student instructor  (Advanced instructor or First Class Diver)* £20.00 £45.50 £65.50
Associate (non-Diving) £20.00 £20.00

*Full Instructors. The committee reserves the right to determine eligibility for this class of membership.

All Memberships are valid until 31 October and fees shown below are for a twelve-month period. If you join later in the year, CUUEG and BSAC membership fees are reduced pro-rata. If you join at the beginning of the academic year your membership will run until 31 October of the following year.

Joining CUUEG as a Diving Member entitles you to come on any of our trips, join our training courses, attend talks, socials and other club events. Associate Members are primarily social members, they may only dive with CUUEG outside the UK due to insurance restrictions.

To join CUUEG as a diving member:

  1. There are two forms to fill out, and provide to CUUEG, the CUUEG Membership form and the Medical Declaration. Then you need to fill out the online form on the BSAC webpage.
  2. Medical Form. Fill out your details as normal. Remember to delete option A or B as appropriate and then sign and date. If you think you may need a referee, contact our diving officer at: for more information and advice.
  3. CUUEG Membership Form. Fill out your details as normal. Sign and date.
  4. BSAC Membership Form. Please got to the BSAC website to fill out the membership form. Remember to put CUUEG as your club.
  5. Print, complete and sign the medical self-declaration form – If you need a referral, there is a section with more information about this below.
  6. If over 23 years old and applying for BSAC student membership, you may need to provide evidence of student ID.
  7. Provide evidence of your highest qualification(s). You can send a photocopy or email a digital photo.
  8. Pay for your CUUEG membership.
  • You can pay us either by cash, cheque or bank transfer.
  • The bank details are:
  • Name: CUUEG
  • Account No.: 63877043
  • Sort Code: 40-16-08

Send all emails to

If you prefer to use paper forms, bring them along to the pub and give them to the Membership Secretary, or another committee member.

Diving Medical Referrals

If you have ever had any of the conditions listed on the medical form, then you will need to be signed off by a special UKDMC-approved diving doctor, known as a Referee, before you are allowed to dive. Get this sorted as soon as possible, otherwise it could delay your training or prevent you coming on a trip. The club cannot currently recommend any Referees, as the doctor we used in the past has since retired. You can find a suitable Referee from this list: Your best bet will be to call the surgery where the Referee is located directly, and ask for an appointment with the Referee by name.

An appointment may include chatting about your condition(s), checking height/weight/blood pressure, exercises to test your balance or blowing into a spirometer to measure lung capacity.  You could then be asked to provide a letter or other evidence from your normal doctor, if more information is required. While you’re waiting to complete your full Referral, you may receive a sign-off with certain limitations, for example swimming-pool-only. Some divers need to get their Referral renewed every year, however you could be signed off for 3 years at a time or indefinitely.

Any questions?